Measuring Investment Impact in American Communities.

Measuring Investment Impact Across American Communities.


The Impact Coalition is working with the largest underwriters, investors, and state and local governments to build a new language to analyze public infrastructure projects. The Coalition allows market practitioners to have a universally recognized Social Rate of Return on projects that improve the daily lives of our communities, and as a result, lower the costs for those that are raising funds for the public good.  

To bring broader interest to the public infrastructure markets in the U.S. and around the world, we need a transparent, rigorously defensible, objective process guided by thought leaders in the industry, academia and non-profit spaces.

Join us in supporting schools, hospitals, transportation, energy systems, housing and our water and sewer authorities.




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Current Sectors Being Evaluated

Energy & Environment

In 2016, $36.8 billion of green bonds were issued in the municipal bond market. While a good start, the scope of what is considered "green" can be expanded to also analyze our broader energy-providing systems to ensure that markets support those who see a longer-term future of renewable and clean energy providers. 


Healthcare providers ensure an essential service to our communities, yet the municipal bond market, which funded nearly $50 billion for healthcare in 2017 alone, are not taking advantage of the impact assessment that could add new investors and lower their cost of capital. In turn, it will lower the cost of access to healthcare for our communities.


Affordable housing is the bedrock of helping people in cities and towns live more effective lives. We review the impact of the just more than $100 billion of housing bonds issued over the last decade to assess what this means for chronic poverty, human health and the future of children living in challenging situations. 



Efficient transportation systems are essential to our economy and environment. Whether it be a smart highway, a mass transit system or a bridge that needs maintenance, the municipal market is the largest funder of these important projects that many take for granted. The economic development and reduced carbon emissions through subway or bus systems are not being taken into account when states and localities raise capital. We can change that.


"A strong education is the post powerful weapon you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela. In the United States, the municipal bond market has averaged more than $100 billion per year in education investment from 2009 through 2017. Yet the market doesn't evaluate the societal rate of return on these investments. We will change that focusing on K-12 and higher education institutions. 

Water & Sewer

Resilient cities need strong water and sewer service infrastructure for their citizens. Clean water, efficient sewerage disposal, coastal protection and restoration all impact urban and suburban citizens' daily lives. Yet many of our systems are largely outdated. Providing an impact assessment to projects funding these issues provides a new lens on these essential services.  


It is difficult to overstate the importance of the municipal securities market. There is perhaps, no other market that so profoundly influences the quality of our daily lives
— Luis A. Aguilar, Commissioner of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission